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1,200W/1O MONOPHONIC POWER AMPLIFIER LEISTUNGSVERSTARKER ACCUPHASE M-6000 Kept in mint condition; are of course fully functional and complete with original packaging and a remaining warranty of 3 years. The M-6000 was born out of a thorough re-evaluation of the power amplifier from a new vantage point. Aiming for nothing less than the ultimate in sound quality, this monophonic power amplifier with its massive heat sinks on both sides stands as an impressive achievement. The decisive difference to conventional designs lies in the fact that the M-6000 possesses two completely identical power amplifier circuits which are driven in parallel. Kept entirely separate and mounted on the left and right sides of the chassis, these circuits deliver output current reserves on a previously almost unheard-of level. A damping factor rating of more than 500 demonstrates that this amplifier is capable of driving even the most difficult, ultra-low impedance loads with ease. Two totally identical power amplifier circuits driven in parallel 16 parallel push-pull arrangement of MOS-FET devices in output stage Input stage configured as double instrumentation amplifier Double MCS+ circuit and current feedback topology in amplification stage

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